Michael Taylor


Writer, poet, soon to be published author and hopefully with more practice, I can call myself a photographer too. In the meantime lets just say I am a camera enthusiast.

Having recently moved to South Africa after spending the last few years in Melbourne Australia, I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that internet access is not as easy, or as cheap to access as the rest of the western world. But then again, the rest of the western world doesn’t have lions chasing them every time they go fetch water from the river. (Yes some of them still think we live that way) But I think the tradeoff of the beauty and the vibe of Africa to cheap and easily available internet is worth it. Give me a few weeks and I will see if my frustration levels rise above knee level…

I have a full time job, writing is still very much part time pursuit. I do however hope to make it a full time job. I write for the greenstone guide newspaper, which is a local newspaper. I also write for some websites based in the United States, but nothing that can sustain a proper living yet. This blog is more of a release. My thoughts, poetry and work that really just comes off the top of my head and has no chance of getting published. A lot is tongue-in-cheeck, but sometimes my heart is revealed(if you have the courage to actually finish one of my poems.) I am constantly at war with myself, hence the title of this blog, as when I finally overcome my personal demons the world is my oyster so to speak. Until then I remain a mystery, even to myself.

Sometimes quiet and thoughtful, sometimes, depending on how many coffee’s I have had you cannot keep me quiet. I have a wide range of opinions on almost anything., but I am not opinionated. I do not hold my own knowledge as the absolute truth, how can one think that they know it all when they have only experienced the world in their own bubble?

I have a wide range of interests. Mountain biking, rowing, trail running, and gym when I have time. (which remarkably is most days.) ¬†As my new life in South Africa settles down I will make more time for this blog, using it as a platform to make people smile, make people laugh, make people think and most importantly make them laugh and think at the same time whilst perhaps even encouraging them to buy me a coffee when you see me writing in a coffee shop. That is usually my office, where I find my creative juices flowing. There is something about a coffee shop that does that to me….

If you have followed this blog, thank you. I take comfort knowing that people actually read my drivel. Please, leave a comment if I offend you, if I made you smile, or if you think I may have said something that you believe is untrue. In the meantime I am trying to improve the look and feel of this blog, if you have any suggestions let me know. And if you have come this far without falling asleep, I will buy you a coffee!

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